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TGIFlyday – HollaWeen Edition

Thanks to the lovely WP for letting me tag along with them!

Halloween weekend was a definite rager. Just looking at these pics got me slightly buzzed. Glad I was able to spend Halloween day itself on Ren’s air mattress eating cheese and crackers and watching The Ring. After the jump are a few more pics from that weekend. Hope everyone has a good one, be safe kiddies!

Ho-White and Punk-Cinderella

The rated G and rated R Snow White

You know I had to get one in with Pandoval!

Shout out to Jubilee aka Melissa!

Me and Lil' Red Riding HoodRat

Apparently I turn into a kissing bandit after midnight.

I know females get a lot of shit for dressing like whores on Halloween but I would like to say on a positive note that I felt no hate from women that night. There were about four other Snow White’s and everytime we’d run into each other it was nothing but love. No side eyes, no whispering to their friends and pointing. Just smiles and hugs, and group pictures. Real talk, it made me happy. I don’t see why anyone could hate on that.

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