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TGIF – Things I Will NEVER Understand Edition

Colored contacts on Asian and Filipina women (esp. purple, blue, green, and grey. and only because yall look so much more beautiful WITHOUT that shit)

  1. LARPers

  1. Moreover:

  1. Skinny bitches who insist on calling themselves fat and fat bitches that insist on calling themselves thick. IT IS WHAT IT IS. Own that shit or do sumthn about it!

  2. 30+ year old dudes that go to the club and front like they 25 knowing damn well they got a receding hairline under that Kangol

  3. The phenomenon known as Ed Hardy

  4. Why Clay Aiken felt the need to come outta the closet. Honey-child, we knew before u did but good lookin out

  5. Hair in ur ass crack, WHY GOD WHY? I mean, it serves absolutely NO purpose!

  6. If this is true, freaks of the world now u can grab a pack of stoges AND ur used school girl panties all at the same time woot woot!

  1. 2 Girls, 1 Cup

  2. The pen tool in Illustrator and Photoshop

  3. Lipstick lesbians who only date butch ass dykes or gay men who only date trannies – umm hellooo??!!

  4. People who order a non-fat, sugar free, soy latte with whipped cream on top

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