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Temptation Tuesdays

‘Cuz sometimes music doesn’t make me high. It makes me horny.

“The way I’m feelin’ The things I say All just happen When you pass my way What can I do To make you stay? I know it’s gettin’ late But girl I don’t want you to leave You tell me you’re just not the type You wanna do this right And I’m not tryna say I don’t believe you But I refuse to feel ashamed And if you feel the same This wait ain’t really make us better people Take those fuckin’ heels off, it’s worth it girl Nothin’ is what I can picture you in So take that fuckin’ dress off, I swear you won’t forget me You’ll be happy that you let me lay you down down down I’m tryna lay you down down down You still the baddest girl around round round They notice they notice Let me lay you down down down Tryna lay you down down down You still the baddest girl around round round And they notice they notice You would shut it…”


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