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Tale As Old As Time.

With the year coming to an end, I can’t help but think of how old I’m getting. Fuck hangovers and slow metabolism, nothing has made me feel more old than celebrating this past Christmas Eve with the fams.

1. I had to confirm the purchase of my 21-year old cousins gift by asking someone, “This is what the kids are wearing nowadays right?” I got him some Adapt socks with the signature “G23test” design on them, because he balls and is a Jordan fan like everyone else. When he opened them he said, “Oh, these are WET,” which made me feel even more old.

2. I got way too happy when I found out my 13-year old cousin Kiara loved the Rainbow Loom I got her. It basically validated that I was still hip. I didn’t even know what it was until I was scrolling through  my IG feed one day and came across a picture of it with the caption, “This Rainbow Loom is saving my life right now with the kids during this flight delay”. When another person commented, “My daughter loves this thing!” I knew it was official. One, I had to buy it. And two, I’m fucking old.

3. I realized that in the next year or so, me and my generation of the family will be the ones hosting and cooking for our family parties. This just can’t happen. I used fresh noodles for the first time last week and fucked that shit up real fast. Tasted like Thanh Long, but felt like already chewed food *shrugs*. We’re doomed.

4. Going back to presents, the ratio of gifts bought to gifts received has dwindled down to 15:2. Obviously, this doesn’t matter. I read somewhere that “Christmas spirit is giving without the expectation of receiving,” and I completely agree. The best repayment would be the reactions I got in #1 and #2. Besides, I never really got gifts even when I was younger. The point though, is realizing I’m way past the age bracket to receive gifts.

5. When I was still in school, my uncle would give me shit for escaping to the guest room of his house during family parties to watch TV or go on the internet. Being the headstrong teen I was, I found it annoying as fuck. I specifically remember him saying, “You should go listen to the stories Nana is telling (my great-grandmother). She won’t be here for long”. And she wasn’t. This past Christmas, we held our very first family trivia game. Everyone was participating and having fun. Needless to say, it was a huge success. As I surveyed the room full of smiles and laughs, I finally understood the message my uncle was trying to send years before. Nana would’ve been proud.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. Or even better like my girl Anna said, “Merry Everything and Happy Always!”

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