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Stop Hoping, Start Doing

I was never one to hope. Truth be told (and ask any of my friends), I am not a “hope-er”. But I am also not one to tell someone else NOT TO. To each their own, for I know people who say they wouldn’t be alive or in love right now if it weren’t for hope. And for that, I genuinely admire them.

But I personally, just never saw the logic in it. It’s just not for me. I could sit here for the next hundred years and hope my little heart out that my boyfriend doesn’t cheat on me or that I’ll land a book deal, but hope does not guarantee anything. WE DO.

I used to feel bad for not believing in hope, but after reading this post from Tiny Buddha (Yall did it again!) I no longer feel that way. Here is my favorite excerpt from the piece, and the reason why I will never “hope” again.

“Hope is comforting, but not always empowering. Hope gives you possibilities in tomorrow. Belief gives you possibilities now.

When you believe you can be happy regardless of what you gain or achieve, you open your eyes and find reasons to feel and share joy.

When you believe you can have something better, you take responsibility for creating it, starting in this moment.

When you believe you’re complete, even if you don’t feel good in any given moment, you challenge yourself to think beyond your emotions, and remember the larger picture.

You can hope yourself into a corner, waiting for tomorrow to improve. Or you can believe your way onto center stage, and create that tomorrow you want.

It starts with what you think, feel, and do now.

Do happy. It’s something you’re due.”

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