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Special Delivery

Back in July I had lunch with one of my homies. We talked about the weather, our health, getting wasted, music, dating, and dreams, all over Pho: #13, small, no tendon or tripe (gross), a Thai iced tea, lots of mint, bean sprouts, and exxxtra siracha.

A few minutes after we ordered, a husky mailman in what seemed to be his late forties took a seat near us. I then noticed him glancing over at me every so often during the rest of our meal, but not in a creepy, “I want to smell your panties,” kinda way. He finished before us, got up, paid his bill, and left, but not before stopping at our table.

“I overheard you guys talking over there. Well, only you were talking (yah, thanks asshole), but I was listening,” he said in a heavy Latin accent. “What is your dream?”

I remember it taking a few minutes for me to answer because my initial thought was, “I’m sorry WHO ARE YOU?” Instead I said, “I want to write a book.” He then went on about how I sound very intelligent (suckerrr lol), and remind him of his eldest daughter. “You should definitely write the book.” Again, WHO ARE YOU?

“Who’s stopping you from writing the book?” I gave him a puzzled, “Um … no one?” “Who’s stopping you from writing the book?” he asked again, unconvinced. *Lightbulb* “Me?”

He smiled at me. I smiled back. Then he left.

This happened to me months ago but I still remember it rather vividly. I mean, how can I forget a complete stranger that had more faith in me … than ME? It makes no kinda sense. None. At all. So people, think twice before the next time you question yourself. Because there’s really no reason for someone to believe in you, if you don’t as well. You ever try to help someone that doesn’t want to be helped? Exactly. You ever want to punch them in their larynx after? Thought so.

I looked at the front door and saw my knight in shining mailman hop in his white mail truck and mouthed the words “thank you,” even though he couldn’t see me. Then, I turned back around, finished up the rest of my pho, and secretly promised to dedicate a chapter in my book to him.

For now though, I hope a blog will do.

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