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Sooner Than Later

You ever watch a movie and swear you’re the only one in the theater, and they’re specifically talking to or about you? That’s how I felt during the scene in Friends With Benefits when the following conversation between Jaime (Mila) and Dylan (JT) ensued:

Jamie: Look, I know that I act all tough and I talk all tough, but really… Dylan: It’s just a front to protect yourself from your own vulnerability.

To which I have only two things to say to the FWB screenwriters, “FUCK YOU,” and “Where’s my royalties?” Because I swear I’ve been incepted.

It’s not so much that I pretend to be tough, I just pretend as if I don’t care. At all. I have this nonchalant act down to such an art, that I won’t even tell you I’m leaving when really I just want to lay in bed with you all day. Then I expect you to know exactly how I feel. Of course I do.

You see when it comes to relationships, it’s extremely difficult for me to talk about my feelings. Not too sure why, I’m a woman. I thought it’s what we were born to do. But when it comes to telling someone how I feel, I kind of rather burn my hair instead.

But what can I say? I’m stubborn. It’s not that I’m a slow learner. It’s just that things never seem to make sense, or permeate until I learn the HARD WAY. Which means yes – making the same mistake twice … thrice, and if I knew how to say it past three I would. I still agree that some things are better left unsaid, especially when you’re just beating a dead horse. What it comes down to is WHY. Why do you feel the need to have that talk? To send that email? To send that text? If it’s in an attempt to change the other person’s mind about a current situation you’re probably better off leaving it alone. But you can never go wrong when you do things solely for yourself.

You can also never go wrong with stating your intentions as soon as you know them, and being honest about your feelings from the jump. You can hold out in hopes that the feelings will just go away, or at the very least save face. However, it will never worth the tears that fall down your face when you realize you should’ve said something sooner.

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