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Something New, Something Old.

When I was in my twenties I legitimately assumed that once you turned 30, something magical (or at least biological) would happen, and a switch would shut off your inability to cry over a man. WHAT?! Yup, nobody told me. Matter of fact, I probably did the most crying over men at that age. I want to give myself shit for being so silly and naive, but find that it's an honest mistake. I mean, I also thought I'd be married with four kids in a 4-br house with two dogs by the time I was 30.

The bad news is pain has no expiration date. Crying, heartache, feelings of betrayal, anxiety, depression? They last forever. The causes for feeling those things may differ as you get older, but the feelings remain the same. The good news is you still feel all the beautiful things you thought only happened when you were young too.

The little school-girl crushes. The butterflies. The playing a song on repeat all day everyday after your first date. The staring at photos. The obsessive re-reading of cute text messages. The smiling at your screen when your phone lights up and it's them. Being excited to tell your friends and them screaming with glee. Day-dreaming. Trying on 3 different outfits before leaving the house. All of that stuff still happens when you're 30. 40. And I'll have to ask my mom, but I'm pretty sure it happened to her when she met my stepdad at 53.

Unfortunately, heartbreak has no age limit. Thankfully, that "new" feeling doesn't get old just because you're old(er) either.

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