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I love me some Snapchat and IG stories. It gives me something to do when I’m bored, and at times I get to live vicariously through others. Unfortunately, there are some people who missed the SnapChat etiquette seminar better known as the common sense. Below is my main gripe with video stories, as well as a few suggestions I have for both platforms. 

Fast forward function. Both Snapchat and Instagram need to add a fast forward feature like YouTube has. This is beneficial for both me and the person who made the video, because I lose interest pretty quickly and will stop watching a clip I was initially interested in because it took too long to entertain me or I didn’t have enough time to wait. Whereas, I would’ve at least fast forwarded to certain parts if it allowed me the option to skim through the video. 

Stop sending me the same shit that’s already on your story. Why? JUST WHY? It’s one thing to post it on your story, because I could easily just not watch it. But then you gotta send me the same exact shit in a direct message causing that annoying little notification alert to pop up and forever haunt me until I check it. I get it if it’s something relevant to a conversation we’ve had, but I’m going to need you to stop sending me snaps of opening the door to your car in the morning. I. DON’T. CARE. 

The ability to ignore a dmWhen all else fails and people still want to send you bullshit you could give negative fucks about, the universe should allow us to ignore a dm. Sure, we could just choose to not watch it if we already know it’s going to be useless, but this feature is imperative to people who have phone notification OCD like me. 

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