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While the obvious focus of my blog is everything BUT religion and politics, my feelings towards this specific subject are far too strong to keep quiet. However, I’m also way too emotional and uninformed to have a concrete, educated opinion on it. The following are simply my thoughts on some debatable topics that arose as a result of the Sandy Hook Elementary shootings.

“The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun,” as stated by N.R.A. VP Wayne LaPierre. If there had been a “good guy” with a gun present at any of these mass shootings, I do believe the number of casualties could have been less. However, in no way does it guarantee that they would’ve been prevented. Furthermore, who gets to determine the good guys from the bad guys?

Stricter gun laws. I personally can’t think of any way to alter the current laws, so that mass shootings wouldn’t occur or be harder to initiate. More than likely, those who will be shooting innocent people aren’t too concerned with obeying laws anyway. While I don’t necessarily agree with this, I feel as if the only way to make an impact in regards to gun laws would be to ban them entirely, and we all know that ain’t gonna fly.

Establishing an obvious police presence on school campuses. While this may deter a shooter from a particular location, it also diverts policemen from where they’re actually needed and costs more money. And quite honestly, seeing a bunch of armed cops patrolling the jungle gym just breaks the spirit of recess.

Mandating teachers to carry guns at school. While I am against banning guns, I am also against forcing teachers to carry them at school. I just wouldn’t feel comfortable with my six-year old looking for some popsicle sticks and accidentally finding Mr. Smith’s nina. Of course, the same can very well happen at home (Hey, I watched Beverly Hills 90210!), but my child, my responsibility – even if we do put our children’s lives in the hands of our teachers everyday.

Violent video games, movies, and songs are to blame for the shooters. The last video game I played until my eyes crossed and the sun almost came up was Grand Theft Auto San Andreas, and one of my favorite movies growing up was Menace II Society. And don’t even get me started on some of my favorite rap lyrics. But I know the difference between entertainment and reality. Furthermore, I know the difference between right and wrong in reference to the human life.

As you can see, I have no solution for any of the debates the Sandy shootings have raised. It’s hard for me to even say that instead of putting money into more guns or law enforcement we should put it towards more thorough background checks or mental evaluations for gun buyers, because a lot of of these shooters show no signs of mental-illness prior. There are countries with less gun laws and more gun owners, yet less mass shootings. I grew up watching and listening to a lot of violent entertainment, yet I couldn’t even shoot a deer.

So then what gives? Does it start at home with the beliefs you instill in your child at an early age? What about individuals who are born with some sort of mental illness that denies them positive influences? (Is that even possible? I kinda just made that up right now lol) We may never know. I suggest that until we do, we hug longer, and love harder TODAY. Because all these tragic events have proved that tomorrow is never promised.

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