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Seeing Is Believing.

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I often wonder what people deduce just by going through my Instagram. Judging by the last 20 or so pictures I posted, any stranger can assume that: I am a sports fan, enjoy the outdoors, am active, love being surrounded by friends, and drink lots of beer. And those closest to me, can confirm this. While a good amount of my life isn’t perpetuated on social media, what you see – is what I got. Should I feel bad if this creates “Instagram envy” amongst those who view my pictures? Fuck no.

However, according to this Relevant Magazine article (and many others) there’s a new epidemic going around town called “Social media envy” that suggests I should. While I see its validity, I refuse to apologize for looking fucking fabulous in a skintight dress while vacationing on an exotic island with my beautiful girlfriends. Posting a picture of it online should be no different, and our lives shouldn’t be judged because if it. Just like my friend Elayne said “Instagram is a curated experience. You highlight what you choose to present”. Why on Earth would you want to highlight negativity?

This might lead some people to fabricate a perfect life, but I rather see fake smiles than pictures of someone attempting to slit their wrist, or crying in the shower. Weren’t we just complaining about people who rant on Twitter and wah on Facebook? Make up your fucking minds people! You can’t please everyone, so you might as well please yourself and post what makes you happy. If that means leaving out the bad stuff, then handle it.

You have to wonder who’s worse, the person who posts a picture of themselves posing at the top of Mission Peak *ahem* lol, or the person who believes they magically appeared there without sweat and struggle? Why would someone post a picture of her and her boyfriend getting into a fight? Why would someone post an ugly picture of themselves? It just amazes me that anyone would think someone has to post something for the gratification of others.

Regardless of what the truth is, the truth is not everyone deserves to see every beautiful, bruised, and imperfect side of you. More than often, the bare face of vulnerability is even more beautiful than your last FOTD photo. All your “followers” will get to see the picture of you popping bottles once you sign that book deal, but the people who were there when you felt too discouraged to even pick up a pen will be IN the picture celebrating WITH you.

We live in a world so saturated by social media that someone else’s success is hard to avoid, but you always have the choice to use it to inspire instead of envy. Why do I follow fitness accounts? To hate fit bitches, duh! But also to collect healthy recipes, and remind myself of how I want my to look and feel.

My life is far from perfect, but what you see in the pictures is real. The smiles, the sunsets, the hugs, the memories – all real. Sometimes, it’s even more fun than it looks. But if you really want to get to know what my interests are, who I be with. Things that make me smile, what numbers to dial. If you want to know the real me, just ask.

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