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Say What You Mean, And Mean What You Say – Or Don’t Say Shit At All.

I’m crazy.

But I have even crazier friends. Just a few days ago one told me that she and her boyfriend were having a “moment” and she said she was crazy herself. To which he replied, “The only time I think you’re crazy is when you talk about being crazy.” A lightbulb went off in my head and then I secretly vowed to never let her break up with him even if it meant hand cuffing her to his bed post … if they haven’t tried that one out already lol.

The truth is, nothing is an issue UNLESS YOU MAKE IT AN ISSUE.

We’re told that actions speak louder than words, and this is true, but have you ever told yourself something so much that you actually started to believe it? I am notorious for this. Unfortunately, some people end up telling themselves the wrong things. It’s going to end bad, it’s not going to work, you’re going to get hurt, wah wah wah. You know what usually happens when you say this? It ends bad, it doesn’t work, and you get hurt.

I never in a million years thought I’d ever say this but, “Over thinkers of the world (myself included) JUST STOP IT. STOP IT RIGHT NOW,“ ‘cuz you’re ruining it for yourself!

Have you ever not cared about the way you looked to have someone point out a “flaw,” and then all of a sudden you’re booking an appointment to get ass injections when just last week you thought you’re booty was superb?! Same difference (well, almost). Things are only as serious as you tell yourself they are. They are only as big as you let them be. You spend all your time thinking and thinking instead of just letting yourself BE and then all of a sudden, shit gets ridiculous when it could be more than simple.

Boy is crazy over girl. Girl is crazy over boy. They talk to each other on the phone, and spend time with each other. The end right?

Of course not. It’s usually more like:

Boy is crazy over girl. Girl is crazy over boy. They talk to each other on the phone and then one day girl doesn’t get a phone call from boy and starts spazzing out thinking that he doesn’t like her anymore but that’s ‘cuz boy spent 3 days straight with her and thinks he saw his life flash right before his very eyes. So now they’re both scared and confused but still crazy over each other and think that the answer is to walk away when neither of them want that but neither of them know what the fuck to do and can’t figure out what went wrong … BECAUSE NOTHING WENT WRONG UNTIL THEY STARTED THINKING TOO MUCH ABOUT SHIT!

And then every little thing becomes a make it or break it moment, posting a platonic ass picture of you two that could’ve been taken with anyone else all of a sudden means you’re “in a relationship,” and a vacation ends up being a “glimpse into the future”, instead of a fun trip with people you care about.

Hi. Breathe.

Remember that one song that went, “Don’t start no shit, won’t be no shit”? Stop starting shit with yourself, it’s self destructive. Not to mention CRAZY.

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