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>Say What?! – TGIF/Music Makes Me High Edition


One of my favorite things to do in the world is gig in the car. Windows down, music up, gears permanently in 5th. One hand in the air while hitting them high notes, and looking like some poppy white girl from the OC going on a road trip. Luh that shit. ‘Bout to do it all weekend since it’s gonna be beautiful and got a lot of things planned. Here’s a few of the songs on rotation today.

  1. “Hey Mr. DJ” – Zhane “It’s Friday night and the weekends here, I need to unwind …”

  1. “Down and Out” – Killa Cam feat. Kanye “You don’t know ’bout the cases I get. Court case, briefcase, suitcase, cases of Cris.”

  1. “Slow it Down” – Lil’ Brother The entire last verse which begins at 2:27 and can be read here.

Thanks Phonte for being so honest and thnx D for puttin me on.

  1. And last but most definitely not least check out Esta flipping the Justin Bieber track right here. I wanna hear someone spit a verse over it … and no, not Justin Bieber lol.

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