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>Say What?! – TGIF Edition


  1. My hair at the moment is ridiculously long, it’s kinda disgusting – not to mention washed out, damaged, and boring. Thank God I’m finally getting my hair did this weekend.

  1. FYI to my wonderful readers, I am very aware of the people who take my work and don’t credit me but I try to give folks the benefit of the doubt. Being a journalism major, I am familiar with the rules/laws of plagiarism, and being a self-proclaimed writer, I respect other people’s work. However, not everyone shares the same enthusiasm. And some people just don’t know any better.

But for those who blatantly take my shit and try to pass it off as their own? For lack of better words – YALL FUCKING SUCK. The last thing I’m gonna do though, is put you guys on blast and give yall hits you don’t deserve. Just know, that I KNOW. “L-l-look how they stare just to copy her. R-r-roger that. Did you copy that? C-c-copy-cat?!

P.S. This song is called Saxon and is a Nicki M. Rihanna reference track, and in my opinion it knocks.

  1. I just realized that I’ve become one of those annoying aunty’s who break out pics of their nieces and nephews every change they get. But how can I not when the little fucker has a face that makes womens ovaries do somersaults? UGH. I miss my wittle white boy, I can’t wait to see him again! (p.s. Rach I’m gonna keep showing you pics until you and Michael have me a baby-girl to play with)

  1. By the way – it’s bikini shopping and tattoo time again.

  2. I’m really sad that the last day of my Fluid Yoga trial is the 19th. It’s given me so much discipline, clarity, strength, and motherfucking flexibility that I may just do the damn thang and drop unnecessary bread on a monthly membership. *Le sigh* The price you pay for peace of mind … and the ability to do the standing splits.

  3. Why don’t I UStream? Because I’m extremely awkward in front of a webcam … especially when there’s nobody else watching me lol.

  4. So I unwrapped my Polish at the game the other day and all I could think was, “Come on girl. Just the tip, just the tip.” Don’t lie men, yall know you’ve used that line before. And ladies, yall know you fell for it LMAO.

  1. “Men are stupid and women are crazy. And the reason women are so crazy is because men are so stupid.”~George Carlin

That’s all folks, as usual, have a good weekend everyone!

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