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Outcast is the new Popular

Since Rach & Jess both delved into their middle/high school experiences, and I’m too stressed out at work to think for myself lol, I suppose I’ll dabble into it as well.

My story however, is a little different.

For as long as I can remember, I was always a part of the “popular” crowd whatever the hell that means. I never tried to be, it always just – kinda happened. And although I grew up being 3 shades darker than I am now, had 2 front teeth u could bbq burgers on, and didn’t know tweezers existed until my junior year of high school – I never had a bonified “ugly duckling” stage. Sat at the “cool” table in the cafeteria, and chilled at the “cool people flag post” during lunch.

But at the same time – I was also friends with the “nerds.”

‘Cuz for as long as I can remember, I also had honors classes. I swear, u could never tell now with all the airhead moments I’ve been having lately, but it’s true. And it’s all so typical. With the exception of a handful of students, most of the people in my classes were ur stereotypical nerds. Some had coke bottle eye-glasses and adorned a face full of acne, while some smelled like dried milk and wore the same clothes everyday for a week. But I was cool with them. And after a while, I realized that they were cool peoples as well.

Which was a good thing because when people started hatin, and I mean people as in GIRLS – it were these “cool nerds,” who would sit with me INSIDE classrooms during lunch while we’d do homework that wasn’t due until the next week. And it’s funny ‘cuz as much as the popular folks would judge them – they never once judged me.

Remember that movie Mean Girls? It’s not too much of an exaggeration – GIRLS IN HIGH SCHOOL ARE MEAN. They don’t even need a reason to be either. My freshman year 2 girls who were supposedly my friends played a prank and paged (yes I said paged) people weird messages using my pager code. However, I knew it was them. I forget now how I knew but I knew, it was more than a “hunch,” I had proof. Anyway, when I asked one of the girls, she got pissed and pulled a “WTF so now ur accusing me?” womp womp womp. Basically they used that whole “accusation,” as a reason to un-friend me as if it was MySpace. And just like that – I wasn’t a part of their clique anymore. Of course I was sad but while I’m a lover and not a fighter, even more so – I ain’t no kiss ass. So. I just left shit as it was. But when these 2 girls began to realize that nobody was following them and people were still my friend and that ultimately their plan didn’t work – they became my friend again. Seriously, just like that. Chick went up to me in the locker room after gym, linked her arm with mine and said she had some weed we could smoke.

WTF. All I could think was, “Aren’t u supposed to be mad at me?”

But that’s high school for u. People – I mean girls doing mean shit for NO reason. But as much as I wanna complain about all the injustices I had in high school, as much as I wanna say that during my senior year I became an outcast not by choice but because I was forced to be one and I cried at my graduation not because I would miss people but because girls that were sposed to be my friends became so mean to me that I was so happy to get the fuck out, and as much as I wanna say that I had it hard at times – I won’t. Because not everyone gets their ugly duckling turned swan story. Not everyone gets a “HA IN UR FACE,” chinky-giraffe anecdote like Kimora Lee. Not everyone that’s different becomes a trend setter. Not Gwen Araujo. Not Eric Harris or Dylan Klebold.

But regardless of who’s story – I will have to agree with both Rach and Jess and say, IT AIN’T WORTH IT. Fakin it to be popular or being mean to nerds if u were already popular. Both sooooo unecessary. Although it totally wouldn’t be high school without it. But if I knew then what I knew now, I wouldn’t have minded being a dork. Shit, I’d probably be some fuckin rocket scientist by now. OK I’m lying. I suck at math, but u know what I mean. While I can only assume all of these things ‘cuz I was never really on the other side of the tracks, I can state this as a fact: I don’t miss a single person that was a part of that “in-crowd” I was in. Not a single one of them. Yet – I’m totally curious to see if the pimple-faced Chinese dude with the big head in English Lit. became some hunky, rich Porche driving dude u see valet parking on Santanna Row.

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