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One Less Lonely Girl

I used to think that I was exaggerating when I’d tell people I had more guy friends than girlfriends. Like maybe I was just trying to sound “cool” and differentiate myself from most girls – until it was picture taking time at a bbq Saturday (btw!) and it looked like a club in that bitch with a 3:1, guy:girl ratio.

Growing up, I took pride in being “just one of the boys,” and not the attention whore that just wanted to be where the boys were. I guess it’s the product of being raised by overprotective guy cousins. Whatever the reason, I can’t turn it off. However, I’m realizing more and more that it’s not all its cracked up to be.

For one? I’ve always admired big groups of girlfriends that have known each other since elementary school. Looking at pictures of them mobbin deep during Vegas vacations, and having annual Kris Kringle exchanges. So don’t get it twisted, I’m not on any type of “i don’t like girl friends,” hype. I love them. And I love mine, although not a big group.

Another gripe about being the token female in a group of homies, is that they’re always looking at you to hook ’em up with one of your homegirls – when they already know you barely have any! Then, you not only feel like a loner but also a chump walking into a party without an entourage of fly females behind you. At this point I usually get a, “Awww it’s just Abi.” Yet, when you want to get introduced to one of their friends you get a big, fat, “OH HELL NO” (jerks!).

Then, there’s those times where I just plain and simply wanna be in the presence of other females. While I’ll take a beer and a ballgame over scrapbooking over wine any day, I’d love to get a mani/pedi with a girlfriend right before going shopping. I like spas and girl talk and crying while watching A Walk to Remember over a tub of Cookies & Cream ice-cream too!!! ‘Cuz the thing is, while my closest guy friends may call me their “little brother,” and while my blog may be called Girls are the New Boys, I am fully aware of who I am, how emo I can potentially get, and what I tote in between my legs. And sadly enough, there are no balls there.

Fact of the matter is, while men may boast about how hot it is for women to play Fantasy Football, or hit a beer bong faster than Frank the Tank, they still want a lady. And as much as we may think, or talk, or act like a man – a woman is what we’ll always be.

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