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On Assholes, and Nice Guys, and Balance (aka I couldn’t think of a good title)

It’s Friday, and I look as exhausted as I feel. So I apologize in advance if this post is lackluster. I’ve been debating for some time now on whether or not to (once again) write about (and argue) the whole, “Girls like assholes/Guys like crazy” concept but feel like it’s been touched on so much, it’s one blog away from being a whore.

So instead, I’ll just revisit this old post I wrote back in April of 2009:

You can click on the excerpt to read the entire post if you like. Although the following quote pretty much sums it all up:

“Thank you for always keeping me on my toes, without ever stepping on them”~Tanya

I was scrolling through my FB timeline one day and saw my girl post this on her dude’s wall, and thought to myself: Perfect. Absolutely PERFECT.

I think the misconception about girls liking assholes lies within the confusion between being nice, and being a pushover. As well as what we think makes someone an asshole. For instance, it’s not that I’m turned on by a man who doesn’t call me back (wtf lol). My panties don’t get wet when my phone rings and it’s not him. It’s just that I’m annoyingly intrigued by it. Why isn’t he calling me back? What the fuck is he doing? Did I do something wrong? Is he not interested? You get the point.

None of the men I’ve been with have ever talked down to me, or laid a finger on me. They were never rude to me, never belittled me, and never called me names. They actually treated me REALLY good when I was with them. But don’t get it twisted – a few of them were still assholes in their own rite.

I think the key to almost everything in life, and especially relationships is balance. Along with not giving too much too soon. I’ve seen plenty relationships survive off less, and some live off of (too much) more. And I’m sure there are woman who really are attracted to “assholes,” just as there are men who love them some crazy bitches. Relationships like these obviously exist, and are the unfortunate norm nowadays. But the relationships that are able to find balance are the successful ones. They are the ones that last.

(BTW, you like how I ended up writing a post on girls liking assholes anyway? lol)

Rach was on a spoken word hype today and showed me this. It might just be one of my favorite pieces of all time on the *poof you’re crazy* part alone. Either way, check it.

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