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Now Jean Paul Gaultier Cologne Fill the Air …

On Wednesday me and my absolute best caught the Jean Paul Gaultier exhibit at the de Young Museum inside Golden Gate Park. In case you didn’t know, fashion was my very first love. So it was an almost orgasmic experience for me. The detail in each piece was extraordinary, I felt like a kid in a candy store. Click after the jump for tons of pictures and sensory overload!

The mannequins were creepy but cool at the same time. There was some sort of screen projected through or onto the fabric of their faces, so they moved and blinked a little too realistically.

The second room of the exhibit was called the boudoir, and housed his infamous collection of coned bras. If you’re old enough to remember Madonna’s Blonde Ambition Tour, then these should look familiar.

One of my favorite rooms of the exhibit just so happened to have all his S&M pieces in it, go figure lol.

Pretty sure I’ve seen the following piece on Lady Gaga before. It was really interesting for me to recognize JPG’s work on other celebrities. Never realized just how rampant his presence was in the world.

This reminded me of one of Carrie’s wedding dresses that she modeled in the SATC movie. The back was draped real low and absolutely stunning. I’d rock this if the collar didn’t make it so unwearable.

Lace detail on a body stocking. So beautiful and intricate. Some of his pieces took up to 305 hours to finish!

With the exception of his cone bra collection, JPG’s designs are all androgynous. This bustle belongs on a suit that’s modeled by a male mannequin.

OMG.  This was my absolute FAVORITE PIECE OF HIS COLLECTION. So freaking gorgeous. Especially the addition of the headdress. If I was the model who rocked this down the catwalk for his show, I probably would’ve fainted at the end of the runway.

UGH, look at that headdress. I’d love to do a photoshoot in just the headdress lol.

This was in his “tribal” room. He had dozens of ensembles inspired from different cultures around the world. The top on this piece was made from material he found in the Philippines, holla!

This might’ve been my second favorite piece. I’m a big fan of lace and looking like you’re naked underneath it, although I’m pretty sure you would be naked under this. It came with the sexiest lace thigh high boots that I unfortunately couldn’t fit in the picture without cutting off that bad ass hat.

The dress on the far right was worn by Sarah Jessica Parker to the MTV movie awards one year. Nikko, if you’re reading this, I found your wedding dress lol!

This punk princess tutu/studded bustier look reminded me of my girl Lawn and Hellz Bellz. Had to text her a pic while I was there!

The last room of his exhibit showcased more of his costume work, many which can be recognized from the big screen. I loved the structure of these dresses. The red one looked like it could’ve been worn by Effie Trinket in The Hunger Games.

Can anyone remember who wore this catsuit and in what movie? “Zzzzzz. Zzzzzz.”

Our last stop was the observation deck, which although wasn’t that far up still had a beautiful view. Good God I ❤ SF.

For anyone who appreciates fashion legends and true artistry, I highly recommend seeing this exhibit. And don’t forget to make your way to the observation deck. As you can see, it’s a little breathtaking. The exhibit runs through August 19th, so you have plenty of time. Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

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