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Nice Is The New Asshole.

Nowadays, it’s exceptionally hard to distinguish the “nice guy” from the “asshole”. Sometimes you’ll find that the nice guy is the asshole and vice versa.

All the guys I’ve dated were seemingly nice. They were polite, personable around others and never talked down to me. They opened doors, gave up their seats for pregnant ladies on the bus, were kind to service workers, and waited until I entered my apartment before driving off at the end of the night. Could you imagine them watching the news the next morning only to find out they were the last person I was with before I wound up skinned in a gutter somewhere?

I was out with a friend of mine a few weeks ago. Super nice guy. Cute, funny and dare I even say it – charming. But as nice as he is, I know he can also be an asshole. Then, you have the men that are only nice, because they expect things in return. How “nice” is that? At least assholes are unapologetic about their shit.

So how can you tell if the nice guy you just went out on a date with, won’t turn into an asshole? You can’t. You also won’t know if your dream girl will turn into a huge nightmare down the road. So how about you forget about being with the “nice guy”. Maybe not even the good guy. Just be with “The guy”. The guy that treats you nice and makes you feel good.

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