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NEW – Throwback Thursday 06.15.10

You know that feeling you get when he smiles and all of a sudden you kinda wanna die a little? That kinda feeling. The kind where even the most composed woman can’t help but fall apart at the slighest sound of his voice. Giddy like the 5th grade ‘cuz you just received a text from him that started “Hey beautiful,” and ended “:)”. Yah, that kinda feeling.

So he pinches your love handles. You playfully slap his hand. He calls you fat. And you tell him he’s ugly. (Both knowing damn well yall couldn’t be farther from the truth). You think up compelling questions to ask, and witty answers to reply. But when the time comes he beats you to the punch and then you have about as much personality as a tree stump’CUZ YOU ARE STUMPED AND DON’T KNOW WTF TO DO WITH YOURSELF. I know you know that feeling.

That feeling where you doodle his name + yours with a heart around it on your notes. Or you day dream about your first date – where you’re of course wearing an outfit you don’t even own, have bigger tits, a perkier ass, and can sing so good you make a dude wonder how Alicia Keys even got a record deal. And fuck. Why your voice gotta be so deep and sound so smooth and make me feel things I shouldn’t be feeling before 11am kinda feelings?! It’s a crazy but good kinda feeling.

And now even your friends can feel what you’re feeling. ‘Cuz even if you didn’t ramble on and on about the conversation you had with him in the parking lot, even if you didn’t get googly eyes when he walks in your direction, even if your knees didn’t buckle whenever he hugged you, and even if you didn’t just link them a picture of him that you insist is gorgeous even though you can only see one arm and the left side of his face in it – they can still tell what you’re feeling.

‘Cuz its got you feeling so far from low that your fingertips are grazing the sky. Bitch don’t run away, ‘cuz you fucking deserve this feeling. Feeling like you could really like this guy. Like it’s been a long ass fucking time since you’ve felt this way kinda feeling. Holy shit could you really be feeling this feeling? I know this feeling. Sometimes I live for this feeling. It’s the BEST kinda feeling. It’s that NEW feeling feeling.

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