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Never Talk Small, Always Think Giant

Written 9.26.11

I spent Saturday with my family in Rio Vista, which is about an hour and a half away from the city. I ate ’til we ran out of food, kissed my baby cousin ’til we both couldn’t breathe, and played basketball ’til I began to sweat. The night ended with all of us around the TV watching UFC 135. Amidst an upsetting loss from Matt Huges, and Rampage Jackson I got even more upsetting news from my Scorecenter app; The DBacks were leading 6-1 and it was only the first inning.

Although I never stopped believing, I knew our chances of having a post-season this year were slim. Repeats are rare to begin with especially in baseball, but it seemed as if Buster’s injury back in May was an omen of what was yet to come. As if some bitter Phillies or Rangers fan had a collection of voodoo dolls that resembled our 2010 Championship team and one by one hit us where it hurt. Nevertheless, we stuck it out ’til the very end, which for us was last Saturday.

I want to say, “It’s OK. We’re not the same team we were in the beginning of the season. There’s always next year,” but then I feel like I’m making excuses for the boys although valid ones. Of course I’m sad. But nowhere near as heartbroken as I was in 2002. Not even close. Last year was special magical. Even if we did take it all the way this year (or any other year for that matter) it won’t hold a candle to the night of November 1, 2010. And that is far from an excuse. That is the truth.

Earlier today I received this email and was damn near brought to tears. I thought it was eloquently written and couldn’t agree with it even more. Tonight I will be attending my final game for the season, but cheering as if it were the first of the playoff series. It’s all I know how to do. If you know me, then you’ll know I’m a bigger basketball fan than baseball fan. But I’m a bigger Giants fan than basketball fan. I may or may not pay attention to the rest of post-season but I wish all the teams and their fans the best of luck!

Never talk small. Always think Giant. See everyone in April!

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