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Never, Ever Land

My girl Jan posted the above picture of her sons new hideaway on Facebook and I was instantaneously jealous of a 1-year old.

I don’t know if it’s because I take after my mom who is young at heart, or if it’s because I’m an only child. Perhaps it’s because I had to grow up way before I felt it was necessary to or a combination of all the above. Either way I am one of the biggest kids I know, and the older I get the younger I feel. I mean, you know … when I’m not dying in bed from partying too hard.

When I was little(r) I used to want to be a mermaid, so I would stick my legs inside my pillowcase and pretend it was my fishtail. OK fine, I did this not too long ago when I was having a shitty day and then laughed at myself for being such a weirdo and immediately felt better.

The point is no matter how serious things are, or how old we get it’s important – no imperative to preserve the five year old in us. Amidst bills, and graduating, and careers, and raising children, and the crazy shit that we see on TV we should all have our very own Neverland to escape to. Whether it resides in a tree-house, a couch fort, a shoreline, a Borders, or just a fond memory in our heart.

I told myself that when I get my own place I’ll make one of the rooms a “secret lair,” that requires a password to get into. Inside you’ll find an igloo tent, a slide (thnx Jan lol), the original NES, a pinball machine, one of those huge keyboards like in the movie BIG, and just about anything else the five year old kid in me could ever want. So that when I need to clear my head and find some inspiration, or just calm myself the fuck down I’m only a few steps away from sanctuary.

It doesn’t matter if you grow up, long as you continue to grow.

Swag Surfing - Totally trying this when I get home.

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