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Music Mondaze – 9

Another one to add to the collection. Click on the image below to download the homie Jeyel’s newest “mixtape” Soundtrack to my Life Vol. 9, which includes some of my faves like Star Slinger’ s Morning, and Mayer Hawthorne’s No Strings. Then click after the jump to see a few pics from the Childish Gambino concert!

Last Thursday I watched the Childish Gambino concert with the homie Jeyel who actually introduced me to the kid. I heard he was really good in concert, and he definitely lived up to the hype.

It was a sold out show, and even though we were a little ways back it was still a good view. Thank God for the balcony in front of us, otherwise I would’ve never been able to see over all the “normal” sized people lol.

I’m not the hugest Gambino fan, but I fucks with him (why do I feel like there’s an age cap for saying that? lol), and he definitely puts on an energetic show. Surprisingly, the songs I didn’t think would translate good as a live performance ended up being the best ones. Firefly was definitely my fave! Fox Theater also just so happens to be one of my favorite, if not favorite local concert venues. I love the architecture inside, and the old school feel the lights out front give off.

By the end of the night I was under the influence of enough beers to make me eat processed street meat (oh the guilt). The only other time I’ll eat a hot dog is at the ballpark, and even then I don’t think I’ve had one since last season. Obviously, I enjoyed this one though lol.

Borrowed jacket, American Apparel bodysuit, F21 shorts and flannel, H&M thigh highs and beanie, garter belt from my go-go days, Miu Miu combat boots.

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