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After mulling countless of hours over the thought, and arguing with myself I finally did it: I made a fake account. It wasn’t fake as a mockery for those who partake in online dating, I just knew my curiosity to see what kind of people were on it wouldn’t last more than 15 minutes.

If you were to ask me a few months ago, I’d say losers. People who were desperate and couldn’t get a date in “real life.” Then, I realized I was the loser for being so presumptuous, not to mention ignorant. Because my mom was on it, and she gets approached left and right. A man I used to date was on it, and he has NO problem getting ladies (although keeping them is another issue, wamp!). And two, beautiful extremely successful friends of mine were both on it – one of which is currently smitten with one of her matches. They say that one in five couples started their relationship online, and after talking to my friend whose cousin met her husband online I guess I believe it.

So there I was filling out this never ending questionnaire with bogus answers just so I could look at “singles in my area.” So. Many. Surfers. It was page after page after page of a bunch of people I wouldn’t ever care to meet. I literally face-palmed in embarrassment at some of the biographies.

But then I realized that I was doing this all from home on what was probably a Friday night at 9:30pm, in jammies, with no makeup, probably eating ketchup chips. All while BigBoobs_BigSmile415 was probably on her fourth date this week. Amidst the cheeseballs that were strictly looking to hook up, and the douchettes simply in need of self-validation, I’m sure there were some who just wanted to meet new people and exhausted all other ways of doing so. And like me, I’m sure some of these people were really looking for love.

I try to make it a point to not make fun of things I don’t understand (i.e. Harry Potter), so I will refrain from making fun of online dating again. I guess I sort of get it now. But while I respect those who’ve joined with genuine intentions, and admire those who’ve found love on it – it’s just not my cup of tea. I rather be drinking a red velvet latte when I catch the eye of some hot guy in front of me whose height is truly 6’2″. I’ll of course be awkward, but at least he’ll see it first hand instead of reading about it in a little biography box. Your signal may be strong, but a good internet connection will never take place of a real connection.

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