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Method to the Madness

If you think it’s kinda hard out here for a pimp, imagine how hard it is for a female blogger. Especially one that puts herself out there as much as I do. Baring my soul on the internet and showcasing to the world not just the good, the bad, and the ugly – but the neurotic, the crazy, the lewd, and the bi-polar as well. Obviously, it’s more my fault than anyone else’s because I choose what goes on here, and no one has a gun to my head yelling “Publish!” But I can’t help but think it would be a different story if I had a penis in between my legs … well you know, not in the way one normally is *ba-dump-bump*.Now I wouldn’t go as far as saying that the blogosphere is sexist, but it definitely plays favorites.

Especially with readers of the opposite sex. When a man writes about love he’s admirable. When I write about love, I’m typical. When a man writes about sex, he’s a pimp. When I write about sex, I’m a whore. When a man writes about heartache, he’s sensitive. When I write about heartache, I’m unstable. When a man writes about being alone, he’s a bachelor. When I write about being alone, I’m lonely. When a man writes about being crazy for someone, he’s honest. When I write about being crazy for someone, I’m just CRAZY.

Not that we write to get laid, but for the most part male bloggers attract women while I feel as if some of my posts make men want to run for the hills. I actually know a girl who probably masturbates to Jozen’s blog and would jump on him given the chance (and no it’s not me lol). But I feel like if a stranger of the opposite sex thought I was cute and read my blog he’d think, “Oh fuck this crazy bitch, I’m outta here!” While I could never be with a man that didn’t support my writing, I would definitely be cautious when introducing him to it. I think it would hinder our relationship more than help it.

At the same time though, men tend to see male bloggers that write about more than sports, and fucking as soft, simps, or even traitors that break every man rule in the book. While for the most part, women find Raaachem’s words inspiring, and her voice empowering. Thus, I realize that it’s not just the blogosphere. It’s the atmosphere. Sexist stereotypes are nothing new, only its outlet are. I don’t expect to break every stereotype either, especially when some of them are TRUE.

‘Cuz I am dysfunctional, and brash. I get lonely, and cry over SPCA commercials. But I can also be logical, and chill, and all sorts of other amazing things as well. And guess what? I’m not the only one. The only difference is – I document it on here. So if anything, I hope that this helps you understand how simply complex some women can be. That there is in fact a method to our madness. Then, maybe you’ll know the difference between “No,” and “No.” So that if we go out on a date where we laugh all night and practically finish each others sentences, and I even give you a kiss good-night … but don’t answer your phone call the next day, then you’ll know why.

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