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Mack of the Year.

Miss Christy Mack, Mack, Mack All dressed in black, black, black With a big dick, dick, dick All up her ass, ass, ass.

And what an ass it is. Me and the homie who shall not be named to protect his innocence spent 15 minutes at a wedding reception trying to remember this sex Goddesses name. Finally, three weeks later I get a text from him with the answer, and that was the day I knew we’d be friends forever. Ladies and gentlemen, meet Christy Mack. My favorite porn star since Tera Patrick. She reminds me a little bit of a thick, tattooed Megan Fox. Plus she loves pit bulls! I’ve only seen her in one film, but I don’t really care for her “work.” I’ve found that the more beautiful porn stars are bad fucks on screen. I rather just  follow her on Instagram and stare at her pretty face.

#christymack #instagram #pitbulls #terapatrick

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