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Lords of the Rings.

Written October 31, 2014.

It’s 7:10am as I type this, but I’ve been up since 3. At about 6:30am, I got out the shower and proceeded to play Queen’s “We Are The Champions” over the airport , so that it was just loud enough to hear upstairs as I got ready. I grabbed the white jacket hanging in the back of my closet that’s a size too big for me, and took it off its hanger. Then, I cried.

I don’t wear that jacket. It’s a Medium (I’m a small), it’s all white (I’m clumsy) and it’s Gail’s (I miss her). But today is a celebration bitches, and I know Gail wouldn’t have missed out.

Some would think I’d be used to ticker tape parades, and champagne showers by now. Others still think the Giants suck and got lucky (three times in five years). But in 2010 I watched the speeches at City Hall, not the actual parade. And I was having dinner with my mom when we won, so I didn’t get to feel like a stripper in a rap video. In 2012, I lived in New York and missed out on everything completely. So today? Today I am the crazy fanatic that woke up at 3am with butterflies in her stomach, couldn’t go back to sleep, and is about to leave her house for a parade that starts in 5 hours.

My friend Pat asked me if this years win was the most fulfilling. ABSO-FUCKING-LUTELY.

This years championship completed a trilogy. It earned us a place in baseball history, and confirmed that we deserve to be here. We have a manager who just cemented his place in the baseball hall of fame, and a pitcher (more like superhuman) who’s broken all sorts of records including a .25 ERA in the World Series, holy shit! We beat the odds, we beat FOX news, we beat Vegas, and more importantly – we beat the almighty Royals. Men lie, women lie – facts don’t.

2010 was simply magical. It was the first World Series win I got to experience, and after the upset in 2002 it was even more sentimental. In 2012, I just couldn’t believe it happened again. I hate to admit it, but I wondered if it was a fluke. Alas, a World Series sweep is not a fluke. It’s also not as satisfying. When the possibility of winning a third championship came intro fruition, I told my friends that I would be satisfied with this third win even if we didn’t win anymore in my lifetime. Not only did I get my third championship, the city of San Francisco got themselves a dyansty.

While seasoned fans of the Yankees and hater fans of the A’s may undermine or question our “dynasty,” there really is nothing to question. I’ve even looked up five different definitions of the word just for technicalities sake. And unless your team has done anything remotely significant in the past 5 years, you really have no right to say anything. For those who still think the Giants ain’t shit …  naw, – YOU AIN’T SHIT. I mean, where are YOU going today? Not a World Series Championship parade. 

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