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Little Girl, Giant Race: Go Giant, Go Home(plate)

Just a week before my birthday I will be receiving one of the greatest gifts life has to offer – a chance to help others by participating in The Giant Race, a fundraiser benefiting Project Open Hand.

But I can’t do it alone!

While you may not be running across home plate at AT&T Park with me, you can still help by making a donation. By doing so, you will assist me in providing dependable meal and nutrition services to seniors and people living with serious illnesses in San Francisco and Alameda.

If you know me then you know that the Giants, food, friends, and family are four of my most favorite things on Earth. And I am fortunate enough to have all in my life. So what better way to pay it forward than to run for the team I love, the opportunity to give others a decent meal, and my appreciation for all of YOU!

Click here or on the image below for instant karma points!


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