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It’s a ‘lil known fact – I love pretty girls.

Tall girls, short girls, slim girls, thick girls, hispanic girls, asian girls – it don’t really matter. Long as u pretty, I could seriously stare at u all day. If ur on MySpace, most likely I’ll put u under my “favorites” bookmark and check back everytime u change ur default. And if ur my Starbucks barista, I’ll probably oogle at u in the corner of my eye while u make my white chocolate mocha (extra whip please).

U know how most females see a pretty bitch and immediately the claws come out because they’re starving attention whores and see her as a threat? Nu-uh, not me. I’ll want her to be my friend. Especially if she’s nice, smart, funny, talented, and steezy too. It’s refreshing. I’ll probably hate her a lil’ bit for being damn near perfect BUT at least I’ll let her know lol. Matter fact, I’ll want her to sit down at my table and talk her into being a part of my neck-breakin entourage so that I could use her to get free drinks at the bar ‘cuz Lord knows I gots NO game.

I remember in college I used to always see this one chick all around campus – let’s call her I dunno, Melody (‘cuz I can’t remember her real name for the life of me). She was super cute, a dancer, and had the funkiest style. I totally wanted to buy ourselves friendship bracelets already. Anyway, one semester I ended up having class with her and we became buddies. Everyday we’d talk shit about the cirriculum and compliment each other on our outfits. Alas, my girl crush became my girl friend.

My boyfriend (at the time) on the other hand, made the typical “Ooh so y don’t u kiss her then,” jokes. And in no way was he trying to imply we have some sort of threesome ‘cuz he knew he’d get five fingers to the face instead, but he just found it odd that I was jockin this chick – yet wasn’t in any way attracted to her. So fellas put away the Lubriderm and hand towel ‘cuz this aint no freaky tale, it ain’t even like that. I may have grabbed a fake boob here and there to see how saline felt, or called a bitch “hot,” but that’s about the extent of it all. Never have I pulled a Katy Perry, not even for fun. Not even outta curiousity. Not even drunk at the club in front of a camera just to get attention from dudes (Hah I know yall know what I’m talkin about). I totally see the appeal of 2 women kissing and sometimes even think it’s hot, but do I want to partake? Not really. One time my boy Tino took me to Showgirls and bought me a lapdance from my favorite dancer (‘cuz she was pretty and had the best moves) and I just sat there hella awkward like “ummm I have my own titties I really don’t need urs,” and gave him the last half of the dance. Needless to say that was the night my hetero was confirmed.

But perhaps this is yet another reason why I love being a female, despite that 1 week outta the month i mentioned in this previous post. The society we live in (fortunately and unfortunately) has made it more acceptable for women to feel this way towards other women without classifying them as box eaters, whereas, men can only get away with so much. It’s a sad truth of stereotypes and double standards but it’s the truth nevertheless.

And I’m glad, because I think women are beautiful creatures. I am in awe every time I’m in the presence of a truly inspiring one. And while I hate bitches, I genuinely adore mine. I love women, I really do. No homo.

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