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Know Maintenance Friends.


The above meme has been reposted on my social media feed by friends and acquaintances a plethora of times now. And why not? It’s a great message that gets to the core of what a true friendship is. Per usual, quality over quantity, so how you spend your time with your friends should matter more than how many times you actually see them. Right?

I’d like to think so. I’ve known my “ride or die” since college, back when we would have class together and then call each other while we did our homework. Party  on the weekends, sleepovers, then right back to school where we’d share lunch breaks over tuna melts and baked potatoes. I would say we spent a good 75% of our time together. Then we grew up, got full-time jobs, got different schedules, and got married (at least she did). That 75% turned into 30%. Yet, I feel like I can still call her whenever about whatever.

While this may be due to the fact that we have a solid friendship and are both mature and secure enough to understand the concept of “low maintenance friendships” I also believe it’s because we *gasp* actually make an effort to maintain our friendship as well. I know, it’s crazy. Sometimes we check in with each other, and make time to hang out despite our busy schedules and prior engagements. Not just for milestones like weddings and birthdays, but for nothing too. A simple text to say “Bitch, saw this dude and thought of you” or an Instagram tag about an inside joke. Both actions may seem like insignificant displays of friendship, but with good intent let us know we are being thought of. 

Priorities change, people have kids, travel the world, and start their own businesses. Things happen – like life, and on behalf of people who invest time with people who matter to them, I am so happy you are living and loving life. However, living things flourish best when nurtured and loved. And grass withers away and eventually dies when not watered. So shout out to friends that know it’s important to maintain their friendships too.

See you in a month. Or something like that. 

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