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Keep it Moving – Flashback Friday 04.12.11

Getting over someone by getting under someone else doesn’t work for me. Even before I found out it wouldn’t, I knew I couldn’t. It just ain’t my style. I tried before and it backfired. And you know what? Getting over someone by simply getting next to someone else, isn’t any easier. Sure, it eases the pain but it never erases it. Whatever works though right?

I used to have this theory that being single was only awesome if you were dating three guys at the same time. That way, you’d be so busy with your juggling act that you could never completely open up to just one person. If you ever caught even the slightest of feelings for one, at least one of the other two would distract you from it (hey, don’t judge me. I was 16 when I came up with this theory and back then it actually worked!).

We all do what we gotta do to move on.

Some people fuck the pain away. Some wallow. Some people get on that Kanye workout plan. Some run, some take up a new hobby. Some bury themselves in work. Some take a vacation, while some seek refuge in a comfy spot on the floor in the corner of their room. Some see a therapist and some see their four year-old baby nephew.

Some people turn into party animals after a failed relationship. I am not usually one of those people. I prefer to stay home and cry into the tub so I can drown myself in it later. Putting on makeup, pretending to be happy, and being drunk and vulnerable are the last things I want to do … but sometimes it doesn’t even have to be that serious.

Sometimes, all you really need is a night out with your girls. Sans the heels, short skirts, and extensions. Just some good times, a baseball cap, and a pitcher or two. I won’t lie, it helps if a group of cute guys wanna join your table too. But no one even needs to hook up or exchange numbers. It’s just good to know the option is still there and you still got it.

A night out won’t necessarily help you get over someone, but focusing on the fact that life does exist after love and you can have fun without “him,” or “her,” will help you move on. And the key to moving on is to keep it moving. Physically, and most importantly, mentally. Difficult? Probably. Impossible? Of course not.

Like Confucius said, “It does not matter how slowly you go, as long as you do not stop.”

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