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>Judge Joe mama

>The other day I was telling my girl a questionable story to which she replied, “It’s ok I’m not judging you,” and while I believed her I couldn’t help but retort, “Bitch, it’s ok I would be!” Because the fact of the matter is – everyone judges. Some rarely, some more than others, and some only once. But everyone has judged another person at one point in their lives.

I had the same person who told me not to judge him for his past, judge me by the people I hung out with. Another told me not to judge him by people he hung out with – then turned around and became everything he disliked about them. Cold world. But having an opinion is not only allowed, it’s inevitable.

With popular analogies like, “birds of a feather flock together,” it’s only human to make assumptions. And often times, the assumptions are more than assumptions. But that doesn’t always make it OK. It doesn’t always make it fair. And most importantly, it doesn’t always make it TRUE.

We are so quick to judge other people based on their background, what they wear, the people they date, the car they drive, the clubs they go to, who their friends are, the music they listen to, and their FB statuses, etc. etc. etc. – which to a certain extent can be legit. But honey let me tell you – you don’t know someone, ’til you really know someone. And you can’t really know someone unless you get to know them yourself. Have we not graduated from the 12th grade yet? Do people not have their own minds to make decisions on their own anymore?

In high school girls thought I was a ho ‘cuz I hung out with a gang of dudes. Yet, they couldn’t name and prove a single guy I fucked *blank stare*. So how about before you go calling him a coke head just because 3 of his friends are ayo for yayo, you catch him anxious as hell with a bloody nose and some strange white powdery substance under it first?

People make mistakes, but it’s not the mistake that define the person. It’s the lesson they learn from it and how they bounce back from it all. I can tell the difference between people who just don’t know any better, and the ones who do but do the fucked up thing anyway. But most of all, I can tell when someone is still a good person despite their flaws.

And these are the people I don’t judge because of what went down between him and her, or what she did to him, or what he did to her. Because all that matters is how they treat ME.

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