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I try to refrain from posts like these, because I always feel that complaining about something you despise only makes what you despise stronger. However, I also feel like we’re all entitled to a free rant now and then so here’s mine in no particular order:

Fishermen. Not those who go deep sea diving, I’m talking about people who fish for compliments. Like people that post pictures with no makeup on with captions like, “OMG I’m so ugly without makeup!” BITCH GTFOH. We all know that if it was really that bad of picture a picture, you wouldn’t post it. Who does that? Not me, that’s for damn sure. And if I did but just didn’t give a flying 747, I wouldn’t draw attention to it with a caption like that. The best is when the person is still wearing makeup in the picture albeit just concealer or a little eyeliner. Ho, I know the tricks of the trade, I use them!

Mine vs. Mines: Maybe it’s the Virgo in me. Maybe it’s the Journalism major in me. Maybe it’s the writer in me. Or maybe it’s the psychotic anal bitch in me. Either way, I was taught the difference between mine and mines in KINDERGARTEN PEOPLE! It’s probably one of the only things I remember from school (so sad). But even worse than there, they’re, and their is when someone says, “That’s mines!” No motherfucker. Mines are holes in the ground.

People who don’t use their turn signal. I just don’t understand how one can complain about using something that has no negative side effects to it. I know it’s just a stupid light that blinks for a few seconds, but there is no harm done in using it. Not using it on the other hand, can mean the difference between a five car pile up on the freeway or me honking at you for the next three exits. Now I wouldn’t say I hate people that don’t signal before they turn, I just wish they’d all drive into a divider.

Bicyclist. Before all you fixie owners get your riding spanks all in a bunch, let me clarify by saying not ALL bicyclist annoy me. I happen to have quite a few lovely friends who ride bicycles. I’m only referring to the ones who think they’re the “Blade’s” of the bike lane. Those who want the best of both the pedestrian and automobile worlds. The ones who want to run with the big boys, and cause traffic on the street, yet refuse to stop at red lights, nearly run over real pedestrians on foot, and then want to be treated like a pedestrian once they get into an accident. Pick one jerk-off! Everyone else is excused.

Being late. Now. I’m a girl, so being late is almost in my blood. I’ve apologetically had people wait outside my house sometimes up to 10 minutes while I frantically tried to find my keys or apply a false eyelash, but when it comes to shit with time constraints I’ll be there 30 minutes early before ever being 10 minutes late. This especially applies to people who have no reverence for live shows, movies, or sporting events. And don’t even get me started on those who leave during halftime and chill at the bar until the middle of the fourth. Unless your uncle is Larry Bird, there should be no reason why you don’t care to not only waste your money, but disrespect the sport!

Readers, consider my blog today a venting free for all. If you have anything you’d like to add or agree with, feel free to comment below! Now don’t go fishing, don’t forget to signal, don’t be an asshole on a bicycle, remember that it’s MINE not MINES, be on time, and have a good fucking day!

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