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It’s Not You, It’s Me. – #TBT 03.06.12

Lonely. Waiting. Is it done yet? Because I get it. Tired of the lessons, and learning the hard way. Got my riot gear on for the tough love I be gettin. Because I do me. While I do him. Segregation, still I can’t win. Just love me already. Miss me already. Kiss me already. Thrill me already. I’M READY ALREADY. Think too much. Yet never enough. Can’t get enough of that good stuff, so I get none of your love. Morning comes. I come. You come. I go. Too slow. Too late, ‘cuz the damage? Already been done. So what do you do when the lust is gone? And the kisses fade away, and the loneliness too strong? Be gone, you’re not wanted here. So far yet too near. I fear. My dear, It’s too late. If you wanted to take me out on a date, you would’ve already taken me out on a date. You don’t get, that I get it. The other girls I don’t sweat it. You keep coming at me … like I’m coming at you … coming at me, When it has nothing to do with you. You see, It’s not you. IT’S ME. So when you think I’m mad at you, I’m really mad at me. I’m not saying to stop seeing her, I’m telling me to stop seeing he. But it’s hard to go, when a part of you doesn’t want to leave. How fucked up is it that the things we perceive, aren’t what we receive? Or was it the things we receive aren’t what we perceive? I know what it is and isn’t. I just. need. to. breathe. Exhale out the stubbornness along with this ego. And just let shit be. Instead of banking on the “what if’s?” The “if only’s”. And the potential of what I don’t see. So that I can finally say, it IS you. NOT ME.

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