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It’s 2am, Do You Know Where Your Vagina Is?

One of my current guilty pleasure songs is Adrian Marcel’s “2 AM”. In it he sings:

“It’s 2 AM, I, I, I want it girl. I’ts 2 AM, I know you’re horny girl”

Obviously I loved it the minute I heard it. Turned the volume up to 55 and body-rolled in my seat down 101 and everything. Then, I realized that this kinda shit doesn’t happen anymore. At least not at my age.

I remember being at the club, 1 shot away from horny and seeing the backlight of my phone go on amidst the strobe lights. Then, replying back in a drunken frenzy. There’s nothing like the giddy feeling of knowing you are going to get picked up from the club by someone you are going to fuck. It became a routine of some sort. However, the days of going to the club with my girls and leaving with my man are long gone. And I can’t help but wonder why.

Perhaps it’s because I rarely go “clubbing” anymore. Maybe it’s because I can hardly stay up late enough to watch Scandal at 10:00pm, what more 2am. Orrr is it because booty-calls now occur at 7am, 8pm and after brunch. While after the club sex is always fun, not to mention nostalgic, don’t let it deter you from having an “afternoon delight”.

For those of you who are dreading your 30s, fret not. I still get calls like this. It’s just that irresponsible drunk driving after the club has turned into Uber rides to their apartment. And stilettos and slutty dresses have been replaced with Nikes and yoga pants.

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