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I understand that my blog isn’t the best source for current events that matter, but believe it or not, I am actually interested in more than beer, sports, doggy-style, and Channing Tatum. I’m not the most well versed in politics because the sensitive topics prevent me from fully articulating my thoughts, therefore, I’m going to make this quick. Besides, it’s Friday. No one reads my blog on Fridays 😉

The BART strike. Initially, I did not support the BART strike. After doing research in my never-ending attempt to always see both sides of a story, I sympathized more with union workers and clarified a lot of rumors. However, I still do not support the BART strike. Sorry I’m not sorry. While I understand the necessity to be able to support a family, and the need to compete with the cost of living in San Francisco,  there are plenty of people that make significantly less than BART employees that don’t have the luxury of being able to go on strike every four years. People that don’t have cars, but DO have families to support as well. And why did it take so long to reach an agreement when they had ample time to negotiate? I’m not blaming BART employees for taking advantage of the options they have, I’m sure I would do the same. It’s just hard for me to consider button-pushing more of a skilled trade than teaching. Yet, a starting salary for teachers in California is around $40k (I think. Please correct me if I’m wrong). I believe what it comes down to are the immediate effects. Unfortunately, the results of one day without BART are more immediate and eminent than the bigger picture of a demoralizing educational system.

You still with me? LOL.

CCSF losing its accredidation. Honestly, I haven’t read too much about this yet, so I can’t really give an educated opinion. But for fucks sake, how are we supposed to encourage our youth to get their education on when shit like this keeps happening?

The Trayvon Martin case. My mom STAYS on the HLN channel, so not keeping up with the case isn’t an option. All I have to say is the prosecution needs to step their fucking game up. Did nobody get the memo about their star witness being an arrogant, condescending asshole that can’t remember shit? And why didn’t they have Sybrina Fulton testify last? There were so many points that were brought up in HLN After Dark that should’ve been brought up in actual court, but weren’t. For instance, if that was indeed Zimmerman’s voice screaming for help in the 911 recording, why did it stop once Trayvon got shot? If I’m being attacked and fearing for my life, I am going to keep screaming until I get it.

The SF Giants. I used to tell myself that after the Giants, I would root for the A’s in solidarity with the Bay. However, I’ve recently changed my mind – final answer. I just can’t stand the way my friends that are A’s fans talk shit. They’re hypocrites! They’ll blast Giants fans for being excited that we won three straight games, when “nothing counts until September,” yet throw a fucking parade when the A’s do the same. All Star Game results? If you didn’t vote, then STFU. I remember one year overhearing someone say, “I bet the Giants players are only there, because their fans voted for them a bunch of times”. NO FUCKING SHIT YOU CUNT MONSTER. You think the Giants suck? We have been absolutely garbage lately. As someone who cheers for them regardless of what place they’re in or what the score is, this exceptionally sucks for me to admit. But y’all act like we didn’t win two ‘ships in the past three years. BYE FELICIA.


No worries here.

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