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Hi Hater

::Editor’s Note:: Yesterday was the first day here in PI where I didn’t do shit all day except for eat, shit, and sleep. So in between doing that, I managed to finish up 3 old blogs including this one. Hopefully it’ll hold yall down ’till I get back!

“Count your joys instead of your woes. Count your friends instead of your foes.”~Irish Proverb

I get asked a lot about “haters,” and one would think that as many as I’ve had and still have, that I’d be immune to it. Afterall, “If you ain’t getting hated on, you ain’t doing shit.” But while that quote rings true, and many embrace and even welcome their haters – I do not. I stand guard with a pistol at my waist and a sign that says, “Enter at your own risk.” So you Kat Williams enthusiasts can surely have some of my haters. If you don’t think my hair is luxurious (when you know it is) just mind your own damn business and keep my name out your mouf.peace. Thnx.

I won’t lie. Sometimes that shit is just hurtful. But it’s not so much hurtful as it is ANNOYING. Only ‘cuz the ones that talk the MOST shit are always the ones that have no fucking idea what’s going on. For instance, I’m over here reading the comments on a story about Cheryl Burke and Ocho Cinco, and you would think these folks actually knew them or something.

“Cheryl Burke is a thirsty ho/stuck up bitch/skank/slut/and every synonym of the word.”

“Ocho Cinco has stds.”

“I don’t know who the bigger attention whore is.”

And while those statements may in fact be true (‘cuz I for one can’t find ANY reason why these 2 gorgeous human beings wouldn’t be boinking each other) I just find it hard to believe that commenter #7 aka “Thin in the waist and pretty in the face” really knows the personal lives of Chad and Cheryl. Get the fuck outta here.

Like I said, haters are annoying but what’s even more annoying is seeing one relish in a response from you. So as cliché as it sounds and as hard as it may be – ignore them. ‘Cuz the more time you spend acknowledging your haters, the less time you spend doing YOU.

And as much as people like to dedicate their accomplishments to their haters, as a public display of their resilience to them, (which is totally understandable) I personally wouldn’t suggest it. It’s not that I wouldn’t mind slapping a hater upside the head with a big old, “IN YOUR FUCKING FACE ASSHOLE!”, it’s just that I like to accomplish goals for MYSELF. And I’d like to succeed as a testament to the people in my life who LOVE me, not HATE me.

Remember, as many haters as you have, you have even more people that LOVE you.

P.S. If they really start to get to you and you start to question your self-worth, just think about it. If you’re really all the horrible things they say about you, what does that make them if they can’t stop talking about you?

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