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>Hello, Good Morning

>It’s 6:45am. Shit, too early. 7:00. Now 7:15. 7:30. 7:35. 7:45. It is not 7:50am and you are officially the laziest person on Earth. FECK.

You’re late. You’re so late. Work starts at 9:00, which means you gotta be at the bus stop by 8:20 to be on time. Which means you should’ve been in the shower like, 30 minutes ago. It’s ok. You can do this. You just won’t wear any makeup today … or blowdry your hair … or brush it for that matter. Yah, that’ll spare you a few minutes.

Hmmm. 10 mins to take a quick shower – 8:00am. 5 mins to dry off – 8:05am. 10 mins to pick out and outfit and change – 8:15am. With a few seconds left to make sure you got everything and kiss your boyfriend goodbye. Yesss. You can sooo do this. So you roll over your boyfriend (gosh he’s so handsome) to get to the bathroom door ‘cuz of course you’re too lazy to walk around the bed. Besides, he could sleep through a halftime show.

That’s when you feel it. And then, you see it: A perfectly pitched tent. And now all of a sudden, a bitch wants to go camping.

‘Cuz if you’re anything like me, nothing says good morning better than morning wood.

“Morning, wouuuld you like to have coffee and a quickie before work?” “Why sure, don’t mind if I do!”

I actually prefer night sex. And an afternoon delight is always nice. But, there is just something about morning sex that says (or screams ;o) “C’est la vie!” For some, it’s the perfect way to jumpstart their day. Others feel more energized in the morning. My girl Cathy says it’s like a continuation from the night before, just with a few hours of intermission to take a break. Plus, there’s usually a time restriction due to work, or class, etc. so you’re able to get right into it without hurting anyones feelings.

And me? I love it because there’s really no other way to start your morning. Once you get all the minor intricacies outta the way (i.e. do I ruin the moment by brushing my teeth and then getting to it or do I just not kiss him at all?) morning sex can have you walking on air the remainder of your day. Besides, I love those few minutes afterwards where he won’t let you get outta bed ‘cuz he just wants you to lay with him all day. I know, I know. Too tender lol.

Regardless of the reason, the morning wood must not be ignored. You gotta give it some sort of credit right? It’s always up before your man is, standing at attention, ready to serve and protect. So the next time you spot your mans breakfast boner, acknowledge it. Greet it. Embrace it. Love it. Whatever you do, don’t let it go to waste. There’s hundreds of sex-deprived women out there going through their work emails hating life, that would kill to get knocked by that morning wood. ‘Cuz morning sex can add that lil’ spice to your 2 eggs over easy that no hot.sauce can provide.

So what about you? Do you like morning sex? Prefer it at night? Do tell, do tell!

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