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Hello, Good-bye.

We usually don’t plan on when and how we meet someone. Most of the time, we’re minding our own business, and someone compliments you on your kicks as you’re crossing the street. Or the two of you are reading the same book on the plane. Or you’re shit-face at reggae in the park, and you magically grow a pair.

You usually don’t plan on who you feel for either. Your last relationship – which wasn’t too long ago mind you, was just too much and you swear you’re going to take this time to “ho it out” for a few. And you do. You figure you’ve been through SOME SHIT, so you can handle it, and you won’t care. And you don’t. Until one day – you DO.

But I think the hardest of them all are the good-byes. Sometimes they’re far too soon, and a lot of the times they’re long overdue. Most of the time, they never go according to plan. The good-byes in my head have always involved me looking hot as shit, with some great dialogue, and most of all – no regrets. Things are amicable, easy breezy, or at the very least fair. In reality? The good-bye never even happens. No questions answered, no truths uncovered, no closure, and no peace of mind.

Sometimes the “good-bye” is as brief and unplanned as the “hello”. And that’s it. It sucks, I know. You didn’t want him to fall in love with you, you just wanted things to be cool. Since neither happened you just have to forget how it ended, and simply remember why.

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