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“hate to see you leave, but love to watch you go”

No doubt about it, the men of New York are a special breed. Coming back from Govenors Ball a few weeks ago only solidified this.

The Big Apple is home to some of the finest men out there, which in no way devalues the men we have in the Bay. It’s just that when you meet a man from New York, it doesn’t matter if you’re in L.A., Moscow, or Bali – you will know he’s from NY. It’s in his mannerisms. In the way he dresses. The way he walks, and definitely the way he tawks. Repeat after me: Caw-fee. Oh my Gawd. Bah. 

I once heard that the men in NY are more aggressive. As someone who once had a man purposely get off at the wrong train stop (mine), follow me to my car, and TRY TO GET IN right here in San Francisco, I beg to differ. Contrary to popular belief, the biggest difference I found between the men in New York and the men anywhere else I’ve ever been is … they’re actually more polite. Friendly. Dare I say it, some are even gentlemen.

This isn’t to say that I haven’t met any assholes out there, trust me they exist too. But more often than not, I’ll walk down W. 14th and a man will say, “Good morning beautiful”. Matter fact, the last time I was there I crossed Delancey St. to meet a friend and the construction worker at the island said, “You are gorgeous”. The best part about all these compliments? Asides from the almost embarrassing ego boost? The fact that these men will just walk away or continue about their business afterwards. They don’t harangue you for your number the next two blocks even after you say you have a boyfriend, or call you a bitch just because you politely tell them you’re not interested. They just compliment you, aaaaand … that’s it! Call me naive, but this leads me to believe that they actually mean what they say.

I know that it can take a lot for a man to approach a woman, especially when a lot of them can be rude bitches. Hence, it’s really refreshing for a man to still have the confidence and manners to just throw something out there without expecting anything in return. So to all you men out there that do this, I appreciate you. I really do. One day I’ll have enough balls to pay it afford and do the same, because Lord knows I compliment the pants off of y’all in my head.

Let me just learn how to stop staring at the floor and look people in the eye first.

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