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Good vs Great.

Most of the time, I watch porn and think to myself how in the hell did she do that? It’s like she just gave reverse birth! Then, there are those few times I scoff at the woman’s inflexibility and inability to take the D like a champ, and then give my vagina a victory pat.

If you enjoy sex as much as I do, I’m sure you like to think you’re good at it too. You read books like Beautiful Bastard and find yourself having this sudden surge of confidence in the bedroom, when for all you know you could be fifty shades of fucking wack. Although there are some telltale signs your partner is enjoying the bang-sesh, the fact of the matter is, people are good fakers. I mean, I wouldn’t knowwww … not that I ever haaaaave … I’m just saying. Unless you have the acting prowess of Jessica Alba in Honey, anyone can roll their eyes to the back of their heads and moan out a few, “Oh yeah baby’s” and “OMG, right there’s” and still be somewhat believable.

During a typical conversation with one of the homies the other day, I had to ask, “What makes good sex, good sex?” He explained that it was 50% technique and 50% enthusiasm. Well, shit. At least I can assure you that I’m doing it half right.

Although I am in no way complaining, I don’t believe having an orgasm necessarily signifies good sex. Similarly, mind-blowing sex doesn’t always end with an orgasm either. Readers, in your personal opinion, what is good sex to you? I’m pretty much a born again virgin, so I wouldn’t know.

But I do know that sex with someone you actually care about can make good sex, great sex.

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