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Game Over – Throwback Thursday 01.25.10

Before I found out about boys (which was my freshman year of h.s. lol) I was into sports. Basketball team in the 6th grade, and softball team 7th and 8th. And I was good at these games. But, oddly enough I never liked to play. Why? ‘cuz my heart just wasn’t in it.I’m an adult now, and I can still say the same. Games? I’m good at them. But I just don’t have the heart to play. Or maybe, I have TOO much of a heart to play. And I never, ever cheat.

Five years ago, I would’ve played. And I probably would’ve won. But now I’ve come to realize that it’s not about seeing who can make the other person wait the longest. It’s not about who gives in first. It’s not about who can inflict more pain. It’s not about making them crawl, or beg, or cry. It’s about knowing what you want. And most of all knowing when to let go.

You can only make excuses for another person and give them the benefit of the doubt for so long before they start to take advantage of your love. But remember, they can only take advantage of your love for as long as u let them. Until u realize it ain’t worth it anymore. Until ur so over all the bullshit that even though ur heart is still 175% in it, u just can’t take it anymore and ur mind forces urself to move the fuck on. Even if ur kicking and screaming to stay.

‘Cuz every second wasted playing games is a second u could’ve spent being happy together, or giving someone else a chance. Sure, games are fun. But u can’t always win. Just ask the dude who insists he’s 25 at the clubs but is really 30 and lonely wishing he had someone to come home to. Or even better, ask ur friend who’s been in an unhappy relationship for over a year.

THIS IS REAL LIFE. This ain’t no fuckin Super Mario Brothers, Call of Duty, Madden shit. All the characters are real. The hearts u stab actually hurt. There are no special codes to get extra lives. And that princess waiting for u in the clock tower will eventually realize she’s a Queen and get the fuck outta there herself. Once the credits roll and the game is over – IT’S GAME OVER.

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