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Fuck Buddies

Last night I watched Friends With Benefits starring Justin “He Can Get It” Timberlake (Dylan) and Mila “She Can Get It Too” Kunis (Jaime). While I still prefer No Strings Attached, it was definitely better than I had expected. But whoever decided to market the movie as a romantic-comedy should be fired. It’s quite apparent it’s science-fantasy, seeing as the concept is COMPLETE, AND UTTER MAKE-BELIEVE BULLSHIT AND WOULD NEVER HAPPEN IN REAL LIFE! So I’m mad.

Not to say that two consenting adults can’t have sexual relations and nothing more, but that’s exactly it. Dylan and Jaime didn’t just have more – THEY HAD SO MUCH MORE. It makes sense because they were actually friends first, hence the title of the movie. But even before they started having sex it was obvious they were more than “just” friends.

Sure, they hung out like friends. Had lunch like friends. Drank beer like friends. Had custom ring-tones for each other like friends. And even texted each other things that reminded them of one another like friends. As a matter of fact, they reminded me a lot of me and my best homeboys. The only difference? I would never and could never fuck any of them. There has to be a separation of church and state (which I will blog about next). If I could imagine myself fucking any of my best guy friends, more than likely they wouldn’t be my best guy friends.

So maybe I lied. Maybe Friends With Benefits is only science-fantasy to me, and a reality to everyone else. But how could you NOT fall for someone good looking that’s also a genuinely good person? I could be just friends with someone that was awesome AND attractive, I just wouldn’t want to be. Especially when they’re Justin Timberlake.

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