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From Thug Life, to House Wife.

Any woman who’s ever dated a “gamer” knows that once the new COD or NBA2k drops, she will momentarily lose her man to the machine. Whether it be an XBox or PS3, it will be his “main” for at least a week.

Seeing as I once played GTA San Andreas until sunrise, I understand just how serious video games can get. In college I nearly slit my wrist out of boredom while my ex played Mario Party at our friends house for six. fucking. hours. straight. But you know what? The remaining 18 hours of the day he treated me like royalty. So as long as you’re going to work, paying your bills, and fucking me when I ask, I really don’t mind. But not every woman has a 12 year-old geek boy inhabiting a part of their brain, and not every woman understands that certain aspects of boys will ALWAYS be boys.

For the most part, I don’t mind this. Because girls will always be girls. I believe that each sex should be entitled to always have “their thing.” And while my blog may be called Girls Are The New BoysI still want my man to be a man.

I bring this up as a result of a conversation me and my homie had a while back in regards to his friend who isn’t allowed to play video games anymore, because his girlfriend doesn’t let him. He was a real life Stu from The Hangover Pt. I. It’s one thing for a woman to wear the pants in the relationship, but another to make her man wear the skirt. I would never want my relationship to be like that. Once someone doesn’t have a backbone, I lose respect for them. Once there’s no respect, love doesn’t even matter anymore.

Obviously, you are treated the way you allow someone to treat you. It’s just as much your fault as it is theirs. But just because your man waits on you hand and foot, it doesn’t make you a Queen. It reflects insecurity, self centeredness, and a fucking attitude problem if you ask me. I’m a strong woman, so I want a strong man to compliment me and keep my ass in check. Ladies, if you want to be treated like a lady, treat your man like a man – not like a child. You shouldn’t need to make your man feel less of a man just so that you can feel more of a woman.

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