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Fowl Play – Throwback Thursday Post 04.05.11

‘Cuz writing yesterdays post reminded me of this …

Years ago I was in the car with my boyfriend and one of his boys. His boy had a girlfriend at the time, yet proceeded to talk about this other girl he was fucking with. I gave him the side-eye and a disapproving sigh but kept my mouth shut. I think he read the profanities in my mind ‘cuz immediately after he retorted, “I know, I know. But yall chicks love dudes with girlfriends!” To which I replied, “Correction: chicken heads.” We smiled at each other.

A few weeks ago, my boy on FaceBook posed the question, “Why is that when a guy is in a relationship, it seems as if women are throwing booty at him like coins in a wishing well?” The consensus of the women who replied was that we want what we can’t have. When we see a man that has a girlfriend, we assume he has qualities that make him boyfriend material and rather go after him than a single guy.

*blank stare*

I wanted to reply that it’s because these women have no respect for relationships OR themselves, but didn’t want to end up on an episode of “When BIRDS attack,” so I refrained. I mean, I get the concept. I just refuse to understand the logic. I know it’s bad to judge but I’M JUDGING lol. Mainly, ‘cuz these are usually the same females talking about, “It’s so hard to find a good man.” While that may be true, it doesn’t justify you fucking someone else’s. Granted, no man ever actually gets stolen from another woman unless he wants to be “taken” to begin with but I digress.

Bruno Mars once crooned, “I’m no angel, but I’m not that bad.” And I’ve never been one to be more attracted to a man because of the mere fact he had a girlfriend. I couldn’t even lust over T.I. the same way after he married Tiny! (I’m really upset about this by the way.) This doesn’t make these men less attractive. Nor does it mean I’ll stop checking those guys out out. But once I find out a man is in a committed relationship, it’s almost as if this “DO NOT TRESPASS” force-field automatically goes up.

Don’t get me wrong. When I see a man – a fine one at that, faithful to his woman it’s a definite turn-on. But seeing him happy and in love turns me off to the idea of wanting to be with him. Ladies, you ain’t winnin just because you stole someone’s man. A winner knows she deserves more than someone else’s boyfriend. So do yourselves a favor and don’t be a chicken-head. That shit’s just foul.

This song is actually irrelevant to this post but since we talkin ’bout birds lol.

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