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For Better? Or Worse? – Throwback Thursday 09.09.10

After a not-so-great break up or any relationship altercation where someone is did dirty, usually your awesome friends are gonna come in and throw out a, “You were too good for him anyway,” or, a “She wasn’t good enough for you bro.” And a lot of the time it’s true.

But that still won’t stop some of us from questioning the validity of that statement. And it still won’t stop some of us from questioning ourselves. Because if we were that awesome, and that great, why on Earth would they have let us go? RIGHT?

In life, we’re always taught to be confident. To have pride. To love ourselves, and set our standards high. But how do we place ourselves on a pedastal without coming off so cocky that people wanna knock our ass off that bitch? How do we not settle without having to settle with being alone? There’s a fine line you walk when thinking, “I’m the shit bitch!,” before people start to think, “Bitch, you ain’t shit!”

‘Cuz sure, you’re better than the next girl … but I’m sure the next girl is thinking she’s better than his last. And you might think any girl would be lucky to have you, but so is the guy that just swooped on your ex-girlfriend. So then we end up with is a bunch of people who think they’re too good for each other. “You think you can have any girl you want? Well I can have any man I want too.”

What you have to do is think highly of yourself without looking down on others. And as impossible as that may sound, it’s painstakingly easy. ‘Cuz one thing I’ve learned is, you are fucking awesome. You are the biniss. “You are exquisite, you’re the one” … just not the one for him or her. Which means, she or he wasn’t the right one for you. And if there really is such a thing as “the one” in this confusing ass Matrix of love – all that mumbo jumbo I just said only means your Neo is still somewhere out there just waiting to match your fly. So just be careful and make sure to take notice of what’s going on around you while you’re reciting positive affirmations to yourself in the mirror. Remember what the other Ne-Yo said? “I’m a movement by myself, but I’m a force when we’re together?” Yah, that’s the spirit.

So the next time he does you dirty and you’re down and out ‘cuz you consider yourself a good catch and can’t fathom why this shit is happening to you, maybe instead of saying he wasn’t good enough for you, drop the “enough” and the ego and say: “He wasn’t good for YOU.”.

And if he thinks he can get any girl he wants, then let him think that. Good for him, because you just aren’t “any girl” anyway.

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