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Foodgasm of the Day – Dottie’s True Blue Cafe

Lodi-dottie, we likes to party. And that my belly did at Dottie’s True Blue Cafe the other day with my bff Christian. I had originally seen the Tenderloin diner on the Food Network but avoided it because of the long lines it was known for. However, per the suggestion of Rach and the fact that it was a weekday I thought it wouldn’t hurt. WRONG. There was still a line (that died down as soon as we were sat, OF COURSE), and I was so hungry I was minutes away from eating the furniture.

Homely decor, like eating in someone's kitchen.

Thankfully, the wait wasn’t long once our orders were taken by the friendly servers. I got the zucchini cakes with poached eggs and spicy marinara sauce which came with fresh fruit and potatoes, while the best got a pulled pork scramble. And because we’re fat, we got a side of their infamous whole wheat, ginger, cinnamon pancakes with pure maple syrup.

Zucchini cakes - one of their specials of the day.

While I enjoyed my meal, it was more interesting than screaming. I actually liked Christian’s dish better, but could probably never finish it on my own. Definitely come with an appetite! I’d have to say the winner of the day were the pancakes, which tasted like November. Eat one and you’ll get exactly what I mean. The food was delicious but not worth the wait. What makes up for it is the customer service and this hard working man, and owner right here along with his second chef. They’re like machines behind that counter, and still manage to say thank you to every customer that leaves.

Beatin them eggs like a muthafuckin drumma chick!

All in all, we were satisfied customers and would definitely suggest you try the place at least once and especially to out of towners looking for a San Francisco eating experience.

And just because, what I wore that day. I am no fashionista but had to share it (even though I fail with my dark ass picture) because it features two of my favorite designers and is probably the most comfy outfit I own next to bball shorts and a hoody.

Adapt off the shoulder "Hella Kitty" top/Hellz Says Who pants/Bleu Dame glasses/H&M scarf/Various bras from my go-go dancing days hanging from my doorknob lol

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