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Foodgasm of the Day – Circolo

Last Friday my girl (fo’life) Karen celebrated her dirty 30 at Circolo in SF, so me and the bf decided to get there early and have dinner before the spot turned into a club. We almost changed our mind but after reading the menu earlier that day, it was pretty much an open and shut case.

I started off with a Strawberry Martini. It was perfect. Not too sweet yet not too strong.

Then, as highly recommended on Yelp, the Hawaiian white tuna ceviche w/ mango, avocado, and coconut, over crispy wontons next.

OK, holy fucking shit spring break frat party in my mouf. I was a lil’ iffy about tuna ceviche since I’m so used to shrimp but I actually prefer this.

For my main entree I had the Miso-Glazed Chillean sea bass w/ forbidden black rice and Aji Amarillo Coconut sauce. I don’t understand any of those words after “sea bass,” but it was so good I could’ve been eating cardboard and not cared. The serving looks mad frou-frou but I was more than satisfied at the end of the meal.

The bf had the Grilled Angus NY Steak over peas, corn, green garlic, and bacon. He was done after the first piece so I pretty much helped him finish it up. OMG. I don’t like my meat still moving around so medium rare is a stretch for me but I gobbled that shit up like it was still alive and I had to eat it before it ran away.

And for dessert, Green Tea Panna Cotta w/ Azuki Beans. So I asked the waiter what green tea panna cotta was and he replied, “Oh u know it’s the green tea panna cotta.” Um. OK. Thanks for the PSA. Turns out it’s similar to a flan/custard mixed with gelatin. Also turns out that it cracks harrrrrd.

I forget what the bill came out to but considering the ambiance of the place and how much we ordered it definitely was nothing obscene or even typical, and most importantly it was worth it.

And once again, happy birthday to my girl Karen! Shots up!

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