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Foodgasm of the Day – American Cupcake

A few months ago I blogged about wanting to go to American Cupcake on Union St. in SF. Wish I could say it was everything I expected and more but I can’t. Nevertheless, it wasn’t bad and I got to spend some QT with one of my besties.

Honestly, the best part of my meal was my strawberry milk, complete with fresh strawberries.

Christian had mac & cheese, and I opted for a grilled cheese sammich and tomato soup because I wasn’t that hungry. Otherwise, I would’ve tried the red velvet fried chicken.

I’ve always wanted to be like one of those cool girls that take pictures of their outfits but quite frankly, I really don’t dress that cute lol. However, I did like my outfit today so here’s my attempt. If I was really cool, I would’ve taken of my jacket so you could actually see my top (short in front, long in back) and pants but I fail. And yes, I blocked out my face ‘cuz I don’t know how to take pictures by myself without making a weird face. I tried to look “normal,” and ended up looking constipated. Once again, I fail.

High-waisted khakis and purse H&M, top F21, denim jacket Ross (I think? I've had it for like, 8 years maybe!), aviators Top Shop, wedges Kenzie

These one of my favorite pair of wedges btw. I wore them during my college graduation and were a gift from my mom. I love the corduroy and corset detail in back!

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