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Food for Thought

I’m tired of people saying that my “type,” is the reason why I keep getting hurt. I’d like to think I don’t even have a type. I don’t even like that word. It just seems so closed minded, limited, and I am an equal opportunity employer.

I’d like to think that much like food, I have a preference instead. I prefer chocolate, and ice cream, two sticks of butter, and deep fried everything. However, that doesn’t mean I won’t eat tofu or find veggies delicious. Who orders celery sticks at the bar? I do.

But if you live for a nice, juicy steak with a side of garlic mash and see it on the menu of a restaurant known for its Chateaubriand, more than likely you’re going to order it. And if it hits the Gspot, you’ll probably order it again. It may even wind up your “go-to” meal. My point is we know what we like, so why would we pick anything else? Moreover, why would you tell us to?

Because you’ll never know if you DON’T like something unless you taste it first. My ex-boyfriend whose mom was Filipina, had a step-dad that wasn’t. Whenever we would crave Filipino food she would cook an extra meal for her husband because he refused to eat anything except lumpia. Not even adobo, which is just chicken in a soy sauce and vinegar sauce, harmless enough. Still, he didn’t want to even bother to try it. My initial thought was always, “Cool, more for me!” but then I’d just feel sorry for the poor guy’s taste buds after. Filipino food isn’t the most appetizing to look at, but fuck my life it tastes good. He was missing out on so much.

Alas, presentation is useless if it lacks flavor. And flavor is obsolete if it lacks sustenance. What may look good, may not taste good. And what may look good and taste good, is usually never good for you. Cold world. However, there are always exceptions. Rare, but not imaginary.

I grew up watching television shows where children were punished for not finishing their brussel sprouts as if eating brussel sprouts weren’t enough punishment by itself. I tried some for the very first time a year or so ago and guess what? Then, there was this soy chorizo breakfast burrito from Trader Joe’s I ate once. Looked like a regular burrito, tasted as good as a regular burrito, and say what? Only 140 calories. Winning.

You can’t force yourself to like something if you in your heart of hearts know you don’t. But you at least owe it to yourself and that person … err, I mean veggie burger a chance.  Unfortunately, I like my men just like my food; meaty sweet, delicious, and ultimately, bad for my health. Maybe it’s time for me to go on a diet. Or maybe I should just work on myself and hit the gym harder, so that the junk food doesn’t take such a toll on me. More than a big bowl of  mac & cheese with crab and bacon in it, or macadamia nut pancakes with bananas and whipped cream – I prefer to be HAPPY.

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